Unusual tips from a Japanese doctor for health and longevity

Every doctor has his own unique views on health and medicine in general. And that’s wonderful. Diverse thoughts give birth to new ideas. Dr. Wong is a Japanese expert with an exceptional view on the question of how to maintain health.

His speech at the World Conference on Nutritionists caused a sensation in the scientific world.

Below is his short interview, which shows the simple truth of treating everything with lightness and humor, then things will definitely go well.

1. Doctor, I hear that exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system prolong life. That is right.

Your heart is made to beat. Like any organ, it wears out over time. If you make your heart beat faster, it does not mean that it will serve you for a long time. Increasing the speed while driving, it is foolish to hope for an extension of its service life.

Do you want to live long, sleep?

2. Do I need to drink less alcohol if I want to improve my health and protect myself from illness?

Wine is made from fruits, beer from malt, barley, yeast and hops. They even make the brand from grape wine. Can you imagine how many useful substances pass by you when you refuse to drink?

3. How to calculate the ratio of fat and muscle in the body?

You have body, fat, their ratio is 1: 1. If you had two bodies, the ratio would be 2: 1. I think so.

4. Please list the benefits of regular exercise.

They are so important, aren’t they?
My philosophy is clear. If nothing hurts after exercise, it is already an advantage.

5. Is fried food so dangerous?

I am even afraid to imagine breakfast without omelets.

6. Do you agree with the idea that chocolate is pure poison?

I am convinced that the seeds of the chocolate tree, like all other seeds, are a powerful resource for feeling good.

7. I was obsessed with swimming. Many experts consider it to be an extremely useful occupation for the body. Do you share that opinion?

What about whales? They are constantly swimming, but where is the result?

8. Keeping me in good physical condition, I justify it with health benefits. What sport do you do?

The district is also a structure. I do not doubt my structure.

9. Finally, give some valuable advice to all who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Life should not be a tedious journey to the grave with the intention of keeping your body attractive and healthy until the last days of your life. I see it this way: in one hand, a glass of wine, in the other, a bar of chocolate, my body is old, but I sharpen and shout, this is an adventure.

Here are some facts shared by nutritionist Dr. Wong.

1. The Japanese consume very little fat and suffer less from cardiovascular disease than the British.

2. Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer less from cardiovascular disease than the British.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer less from cardiovascular disease than the British.

4. Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer less from cardiovascular diseases than the British.

5. Germans drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of sausages and fatty foods, but suffer less from cardiovascular disease than the British.

A reasonable approach is needed in everything. Some people become so obsessed with a healthy lifestyle that they forget to live. After all, life inevitably passes.

Do not go to extremes. Sometimes giving yourself pleasure, taking care of your health should not turn your life into a boring one.

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