What to eat in the evening? Tips from a nutritionist

People have different opinions about dinner. Some people think that it is not necessary to have dinner at all after 18:00 in the evening, and some people can get up, eat pizza and go back to sleep without looking at the clock.

Is it possible to have dinner late, what should be the right dinner, և what to do if you feel hungry while sleeping? SHANTENWS.am talked to nutritionist, nutritionist Lilit Babasyan about all this.

“The biggest mistake people make is that they themselves have been told not to eat after 6pm to lose weight, but this is wrong. In this case, you will lose weight at first, but then you will start gaining weight again, “said the nutritionist.

The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. That is, if a person goes to bed at 23:00, the last time he should eat is at 19:00.

What to eat in the evening? Tips from a nutritionist

According to the nutritionist, protein should be used for dinner, it can be egg or egg whites, chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, rabbit, veal.

At the same time you need to use vegetables. It would be good to combine meat with vegetables, for example, to combine a summer salad with any meat.

Lilit Babasyan mentioned that the combination of vegetables and meat for dinner is for people who want to lose weight, and people who just have a problem not to gain weight, can also use complex carbohydrates, for example, about 30 grams of buckwheat.

Speaking about the portions, the nutritionist mentioned that they are individual, but in the case of meat, the portion size of each person’s hand can be considered as a portion, vegetables – the size of 2 palms, and carbohydrates – the size of a half-open hand.

To our question that if a person has a feeling of hunger before going to bed, should he eat something or not, Lilit Babasyan answered that there is no need to sleep hungry, as long as there is no new eating habit, then in the initial period before going to bed in case of feeling hungry can eat.

“If you have the right diet, the last meal will be enough for a person. People need to work on themselves to avoid food addiction. If, however, the person is very hungry in the evening, I would recommend celery or cucumber.

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